What is a fragrance?

Fragrances are essential to making any person feel alive and beautiful, they are an important part of our everyday lives
There is no doubt that fragrances can be incredibly versatile tools to enhance your appearance and help you feel confident

In our Standard Collection library, which has more than thirteen thousand fragrance types including Fine Fragrances, Personal Care, Home Care, and Air Care, AFF Concept & Design enables your Imagination of any fragrance to come true.

Our research & development Fragrance specialists include Perfumers & Evaluators who master the art of satisfying your requirements according to your market trends.



Consumer interest in the house is at an all-time high, from stylish decor to a welcoming and fresh atmosphere, making Air Care a dynamic and exciting industry.

More than just eliminating odours, air care now considers a person’s home’s odour as a reflection of their personality.


. Diffusers
. Air Fresheners
. Candles
. Room Sprays
. Plug-ins


Fine fragrance products can be a luxurious experience.

The talented perfumers at AFF combine their knowledge and artistic flair to create scents that respond to consumers’ desires and wishes.


. Perfumes for Men
. Perfumes for Women
. Unisex fragrances


. Dish wash
. Laundry
Detergents &
Fabric Softeners
. Tissues, Wipes
. Sanitizers
. Surface Cleaners
. Floor cleaners
. Car cleaners


Today’s consumers want cleaning products to be even more effective and enriched with invigorating and everlasting smells.

Our perfumery team generates scents that enhance the pleasure of cleaning while also conveying the practical advantages of this household industry.


Looking for a fragrance that makes you feel special?

Check out our scents for personal Care categories

We continually observe the global market for new fascinating ingredients and developing fragrance trends to create special and inspiring smells that will refresh and calm the mind, body, and soul.


. Skin Care
. Hair Care
. Liquid hand soap
& Bar Soap
. Baby Care
. Deodorant
. Shower gels
. Male grooming
. Massage oils
Spa fragrances