What does the world taste like?

Flavour is the sensation of taste and smell that comes from eating, drinking or touching something.

AFF Flavours add quality to life. We can give your products that genuine boost at a competitive price. Modern technical knowledge supports flavour creation, allowing us to indulge your senses. We have a wide range of flavours to choose from and can create unique custom blends just for you.

AFF ensures appropriate flavour delivery by producing all forms of flavours powder, liquid, encapsulation and emulsions.
Our R&D team creates new flavours contributing in all food segments such as Beverages, Confectionery, Savoury, Dairy, Bakery and Tobacco.

Our R&D team develops premium, competitively priced ingredients that satisfy the exact application requirements of our customers as well as international regulatory standards.
Our excellent global supply chain and logistics system enables us to successfully meet the purchasing needs of both our domestic and international clients.


When it comes to enjoying the great taste of beverages there are endless possibilities

Flavour is one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying a good drink

What could be better than enjoying a refreshing beverage (juice) on a hot day?

The answer is a delicious. flavour


. Juices
. Instant drinks
. Carbonated beverages
. Hot drinks
. Flavoured Tea/coffee
. Alcoholic beverages


We all love the sweet and sour taste of candy that brings pleasure, fun and comfort.

You can choose from our extensive library or let us prepare a unique sensation to meet your needs.


. Hard Candy
. Soft candy
. Gum
. Chocolate
. Jelly


For our customers’ high impact experiences, we apply our flavour extracts in seasonings and savoury food products.

Our seasonings and top notes are used in a wide range of flavouring applications, such as snacks and delicacies that are available worldwide, to improve flavours.

Choose from our exquisite selection of roasted chicken, cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes, sautéed onions, and many other delicious foods to please your sense of taste.


. Sauces &
. Meat Industry
. Seasonings
. Snacks
. Soups
. Dips
. Pet Foods


We develop flavours that support the dairy industry in the production of ice cream and other dairy products.

Makes the best taste every time!
We play a key role in creating value-added dairy products by providing flavours for applications such as ice-cream, flavoured milk, yogurt and milkshakes


. Cheese
. Yogurt
. Flavoured Milk
. Ice-cream


It’s hard to imagine life without bakery

One of the many things that makes bakery great is its varied flavours



At AFF, we provide a wide selection of flavours created especially for uses like tobacco or shisha.

You can find all sorts of tastes for your enjoyment, like cool mint, apples , strawberry , creamy chocolate, or one of our warm, spicy treats.


. Shisha
. Vape